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Cignpost Life added to Anorak platform

Today, COVER Magazine reported that Cignpost Life has been added to Anorak’s partners – Yolt, Starling Bank, Nutmeg, as well as its intermediary platforms. Anorak make the life insurance process simple. From doing the maths for you to scanning the market for the best-matched policies. This news comes after sister company Albany Park announced it […]

How to manage your mental health this winter

Now that the clocks have gone back, darker nights are beginning to trigger Seasonal Affective Disorder across the UK, and it’s more common than you may realise. The nights drawing in can seriously affect our mental health and about 20 percent of people in the UK experience the “winter blues”. Energy levels and the amount […]

A three-pronged approach to the rental protection gap

Paul Foody, chief operating officer at Inchora believes that we need to think carefully about the protection journey that tenants go on. Speaking in Cover Magazine, Foody delved into a three-pronged approach to how tenants can be introduced to life cover. ‘Generation rent’ has become somewhat of a buzz phrase in recent years, and rightly […]

Cancer Research invests more into early detection research

A new transatlantic research alliance has been announced by Cancer Research UK and their partners. The International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED) is a partnership between Cancer Research UK, Canary Centre at Stanford University, the University of Cambridge, the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, UCL and University of Manchester. It says that working together on […]

Unacceptable delays in diagnosing secondary breast cancer

One in four patients with secondary breast cancer had to visit their GP on three or more occasions before they got a firm diagnosis, a survey has warned. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the UK, with around 55,000 new cases every year. In the UK alone, 35,000 people are living […]

How to recover from the flu

That dreaded time of year is approaching fast, that’s right, we’re talking about flu season. If you feel like you’re coming down with the flu, then these quick measures and some quick action before it really takes hold, can make all the difference. Flu symptoms can appear very quickly, and according to the NHS, this […]

Ultrasound breakthrough could pick up cancer earlier

A new ultrasound technique has been developed at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, which can spot cancer earlier.   It produces images that are 10 times better than current scans, which doctors say can help diagnosing whether colour images on scans are concealing a tumour. The process works by injecting tiny bubbles into the bloodstream and […]

‘Revolutionary’ new class of cancer drugs approved

A new cancer drug that can treat a wide range of tumours has been approved for use in Europe. The drug, called larotrectinib is tumour-agnostic, which means it doesn’t focus on where the cancer is growing in the body as long as it has a specific genetic abnormality inside. It was investigated in clinical trials […]

Vaping: How dangerous is it?

Smoking has long been a habit that we’re all aware can cause many diseases and life threatening-conditions. So, when vaping came on the scene as an apparent healthier alternative and a way of weaning people off cigarettes, thousands flocked. But recent events have thrown up just how little we know about the effects it can […]

Top doctors release new physical activity guidelines

New guidance published by the UK’s top doctors advises adults to do muscle-strengthening exercises twice a week along with aerobic exercise, to help people stay active for longer. The guidelines are designed to aid health professionals and others to provide individuals and communities with information on the type and amount of physical activity that they […]