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Ultrasound breakthrough could pick up cancer earlier

A new ultrasound technique has been developed at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, which can spot cancer earlier.   It produces images that are 10 times better than current scans, which doctors say can help diagnosing whether colour images on scans are concealing a tumour. The process works by injecting tiny bubbles into the bloodstream and […]

‘Revolutionary’ new class of cancer drugs approved

A new cancer drug that can treat a wide range of tumours has been approved for use in Europe. The drug, called larotrectinib is tumour-agnostic, which means it doesn’t focus on where the cancer is growing in the body as long as it has a specific genetic abnormality inside. It was investigated in clinical trials […]

Vaping: How dangerous is it?

Smoking has long been a habit that we’re all aware can cause many diseases and life threatening-conditions. So, when vaping came on the scene as an apparent healthier alternative and a way of weaning people off cigarettes, thousands flocked. But recent events have thrown up just how little we know about the effects it can […]

Top doctors release new physical activity guidelines

New guidance published by the UK’s top doctors advises adults to do muscle-strengthening exercises twice a week along with aerobic exercise, to help people stay active for longer. The guidelines are designed to aid health professionals and others to provide individuals and communities with information on the type and amount of physical activity that they […]

Why is the UK seeing a rise in measles cases?

The UK has lost its measles-free status three years after the virus was eliminated in the country. Cases of the deadly infection have been on the rise, with too few people being vaccinated. Measles can be prevented through two doses of the MMR vaccine – this is offered free by the NHS to all young […]

AI could help to spot heart abnormalities

A new way of identifying a cause of the heart to beat irregularly has been discovered by artificial intelligence. Atrial fibrillation is a heart condition that causes an irregular and often abnormally fast heart rate. It affects one million people in the UK and increases the risk of stroke and long-term heart problems. Computer modelling […]

How to reduce your blood pressure

Blood pressure is often described as the silent killer as it doesn’t usually show any symptoms unless you have a monitor. An unhealthy lifestyle raises your blood pressure over time. The higher your blood pressure becomes, the higher the risk of having a stroke or heart attack. Research from the British Heart Foundation suggests that […]

Fall in HPV rates raises hopes of cervical cancer eradication

A Lancet review of 65 studies covering 60 million people showed a fall in HPV cases and in pre-cancerous growths. Over a period of decades, it is thought this should translate into a significant fall and potential eradication. The review covered studies in 14 high-income countries including the UK. It looked at HPV rates along […]

Pumping heart patch ready for human use

A pumping patch which contains millions of living stem cells could help repair damage caused by a heart attack, according to researchers. Scientists at Imperial College London have worked with the British Heart Foundation to develop the patch. The 3cm by 2cm patch is grown in a lab from a sample of the patient’s own […]

Call for life changing migraine drug to be offered on NHS

People who suffer from chronic migraines are calling for a new drug to be offered in the NHS in the UK. A monthly injection of Aimovig has been described as ‘life-changing’ by those who have tried it. How does Aimovig work? The drug reportedly acts to prevent migraines. In your body you have CGRP (calcitonin […]

These are the biggest risk factors for dementia

This week it’s Dementia Action Week, and Alzheimer’s Society is encouraging everyone to start a conversation. Two-thirds of people living with dementia say that they feel isolated or lonely, but a listening ear can make all the difference. You might not know that dementia is actually the number one killer in the UK, with currently […]