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Cancer confusion causing diagnosis delays for millions of Brits

Widespread confusion about cancer symptoms is leading to delayed diagnosis and irregular self-examinations, according to new research by Bupa UK. Four in ten Britons have never checked for common cancers. Nearly half of people are unclear what to check for, as six million delay seeking medical help. The study found 45 per cent say it […]

Enhanced flu jab to save ‘hundreds of lives’

An enhanced flu jab for elderly people will save hundreds of lives this winter, according to Public Health England. The effectiveness of flu jabs notoriously declines as people get older and was effective in just one in 10 over-65s last winter. This new enhanced vaccine that will be given this year contains extra ingredients designed […]

Deal for NHS to offer exciting new child cancer therapy

A deal has been struck to let the NHS offer children an expensive new cancer therapy that has been called the most exciting treatment advance for decades. CAR-T is a cutting-edge treatment for aggressive leukaemia when other drugs have failed but usually costs hundreds of thousands of pounds per patient. NHS England boss Simon Stevens […]

Steam treatment for big prostates approved on NHS

The NHS can start offering a new steam treatment for benign prostate enlargement, says the regulator, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Back in April this year, the new steam treatment was recommended to be used by the NHS. The NHS are now offering this treatment for benign prostate enlargement. The procedure is […]

Rise in type 2 diabetes in young people in England and Wales

The number of children and young people being treated for type 2 diabetes in England and Wales has gone up from 507 to 715 in four years, new figures show. More than three-quarters were also obese, councils said more needed to be done to tackle the obesity crisis in children, particularly among minority ethnic groups, […]

Bowel cancer screening to start at age 50 in England

Bowel cancer screening in England is set to start earlier, at age 50, Public Health England has announced. Currently, men and women in England are only invited for screening once they reach 60 and are sent a home testing kit every two years up until the age of 74. Bowel screening is already offered to […]

Running makes us fitter but also benefits our mental health

Six in 10 (63 per cent) of adults living in the UK are not aware that being physically active for 30 minutes a day at least five times a week could help to reduce their risk of being diagnosed with conditions like bowel cancer. Research suggests that taking part in regular physical activity, which is […]

Well-being ‘a work in progress’ for HR departments

Only 13% of HR/business managers believe their organisation has an effective wellbeing strategy in place, with 67% admitting it is “a work in progress”, a poll shows. The research from Cascade HR also found wellness was hailed as a top priority for 18% of respondents, with 58% claiming it is of crucial importance so they […]

The importance of Private Diagnostics Insurance

Inchora Health’s Stephen Russell, who is head of our Broker relations has kindly agreed to be a guest contributor on the blog, as we dive into the benefits of Private Diagnostics Insurance compared with Cash Plans and full Private Medical Insurance. Private Diagnostic Insurance is a completely unique offering in the medical expenses arena, designed […]

Tackling High Blood Pressure, the ‘Silent Killer’

Public Health England’s updated action plan calls for the continued support from the whole of the ‘health and social care system to contribute to the reduction of high blood pressure in England, with an overarching aim of improving the early detection and prevention of Cardio Vascular Disease. More than one in four adults in the […]

Allergy Awareness Week April 22nd-28th

World Allergy Week is an annual initiative of the World Allergy Organization (WAO) and society to increase the awareness of allergies and advocate for the provision of training and resources in the diagnosis, management, and prevention. An allergy is a reaction causing a systemic immune response to the body, this response can vary and could […]

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), a fantastic annual opportunity to raise awareness of bowel cancer and raise funds to support the work that Bowel Cancer UK provides. This year ‘Beating Bowel Cancer’ and ‘Bowel Cancer UK’ have merged to form the UK’s leading bowel cancer charity, with a mission to ensure that by […]