Well-being ‘a work in progress’ for HR departments

Only 13% of HR/business managers believe their organisation has an effective wellbeing strategy in place, with 67% admitting it is “a work in progress”, a poll shows.

The research from Cascade HR also found wellness was hailed as a top priority for 18% of respondents, with 58% claiming it is of crucial importance so they will ramp up their efforts.

Around 84% said stress affects absences within their workplace, but only 57% were aware of the cost of absence within their organisation.

Cascade HR chief executive Oliver Shaw said despite the apparent scale of the problem, there is still something of a dismissive mentality surrounding stress and what to do about it.

“There is the outright fiscal impact of absence to consider of course, associated with reduced output, lost productivity and the need to employ temporary staff whilst also covering sick pay. But there are far wider-reaching consequences too including the detrimental effect on colleagues’ morale, the degradation of team dynamics and a potential drop in customer service,” he warned.

Of the UK workers surveyed, 40% thought their employer takes enough proactive steps to protect the mental wellness of them and their colleagues.

A further 53% have a place they feel they could go within the workplace to help alleviate the symptoms of stress and 61% think they could speak up at work if they started to experience these symptoms.

“It’s quite encouraging to see that whilst there is still a lot of work to be done on employers’ parts, employees are recognising the efforts made so far. Hopefully this is a sign that stigma surrounding stress and mental wellness is changing,” Shaw said.


David Marlow – Cignpost Product Manager commented saying:

“The workplace can be a stressful environment. We have probably all experienced some form of stress either at work or in our home life.

With 1 in 4 of us experiencing a mental health issue at some point, it’s important that employers take steps to support their staff.

It may come as no surprise that healthy employees are more productive and therefore produce better results. Inchora Health is conscious that promoting well-being initiatives and offering a portfolio of health and well-being employee benefits can help with productivity.

This can fundamentally make for a happier and more productive workplace, which is an important part of business success.”


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